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Our business scope includes: the tissue paper equipments , hygiene products equipments, and packaging equipments.

bahar andar  has total 12,000 square meters, 10,000 square meters of covered area, and has more than 120 staffs, includes 28 Senior technicians

bahar andar is a member of China Paper Committee, China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, Wenzhou Packaging Federation governing unit.


bahar andari Enterprise has been focusing on R&D and transformation of post-processing equipment for household paper, providing high-efficiency, high-quality, cost-effective new technologies and new products for many household paper companies. It has become a well-known brand and fast soft pumping of Chinese box-paper packaging production lines. The wisdom of the paper packaging machine. And obtained more than 20 invention patents, utility models and appearance patents.


  "bahar andar" is taken from "the inner sacred king, the neutral sect."

Among them, "the inner sacred king" originated from the pre-Qin and Zhuang Zhou "Zhuangzi·The World": "It is the way of the inner king of the world, dark and unclear, Yu and Do not send, the people of the world, each is their own desire, to be self-right.

The "neutralization" of the "neutral faction" is derived from "The Doctrine of the Mean": "There is no sentiment of anger and sorrow, and it is called; In the middle, the world is also big, and also, the world is also the way. ”


Wang, the king, the business is king, and the quality is king. It means clear strategy, firm belief, inner self-satisfaction, character and product excellence; faction, team, trend. It means a team that is very cohesive and positive, and is good at integrating resources and advancing with the times. The Wang faction is a team that is slightly clear, has a firm belief, is full of inner joy, and is very cohesive and advancing with the times.


According to the different combinations of "1paper", we have given the following meanings:

1 refers to the customer first, quality first, team first; and meaning "one" is "fixed", "University" said: "When you know it, you will be fixed, then you can calm down, you can calm down and then you can, then you can Think about it and think about it later."

Paper means paper, which means focusing on the paper machinery industry and making it fine, strong and long.




We always adhere to the philosophy of "the purpose of the company is to create customers" and "commercial is the greatest public welfare".

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