brescia fc was contracted to conduct compressive creep and shrinkage evaluation, in accordance with ASTM C512, of high-performance concrete mixtures for a super tall building in Western Asia. Our firm was selected because of our world-recognized experience in creep and shrinkage testing, and our laboratory controlled environment for the intended testing requirements.,betting-fair

brescia fc uses custom designed frames to perform creep tests on high-performance (high-strength) concrete mixtures with compressive strength typically exceeding 10,000 psi. These frames maintain load using disk springs specifically selected to maintain constant load over the range of deformation typically encountered during concrete compressive creep tests.,betfred-gold-cup-results

corner-stand-online,For this project, brescia fc worked closely with a testing firm to develop the creep & shrinkage program, consult on the mixture proportions, and report on the data collected from the test.